Believe it or not, some companies, even those in the electronic business do not have sites on the World Wide Web. Listed below are the names and address of suppliers of Motorola based microcontroller boards that advertised in "Micro Computer Journal", Electronics Now and EE Times.

HOBBY TEK was taken over by Tech Tools in 1996. Seems to be mostly PIC stuff.
FAX: (972)494-5814

4380 South Gordon Avenue
Fremont, MI 49412

Coactive Aesthetics had an F1 board and net software for RS-485 distributed control systems. They have ceased supporting this system in favor of LonWorks
Square 1 Electronics had a 05 microcontroller trainer however their web page is devoted to their PIC product.
Wheatstone had a page here: but it is there no longer.
Digital Micro Systems formally at is another
Davis Electronics in Canada was at
DATA COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGIES has a F1 board with proto area they were here:
Glen's 68HC11 Programming Page formally at
Jay Francis controls his DinoBot robot with a little MC68HC705K formally at
James D. Lyle has posted a MC68HC11-Based Data Logger, using Flash Memory at his sit formally at
Manish Oberoi had a page on the 6270 LEGO ROBOT BOARDS.
Micronix had a MC68HC11 A series SBC running in expanded mode bundled with four disks of software. Was at
Stefano Nardone interested in starting an Italian Handy Board fan club was at
At Val Gretchev's MC68HC11 Emporium you will be able to study some of the best examples of assembly code that I have found on the WEB this side of Motorola's FREEWARE site. This is MUST SEE. Was at Visit the archive.
Roger Nelson had produced a hypertext compendium of the pinouts and features of many microcontrollers. Was at
The MC68HC05C0 is (or was) one of the few 68HC05s that have no on-chip ROM or EPROM. An external bus interface with chip selects allows no glue logic interface to external memory and peripherals. This makes it very convenient for developing and debuging HC05 programs especially in real time. AAE Systems has a HC05C0 board with a proto area. They were at
AES is no longer making or selling microcontroller trainers.
  • Intersil second sources 68HC05 Microcontrollers and Peripherals.
  • Computer Design Matrix sells a bare board or kit for a 68HC11, an extra UART, a LCD interface, a keypad interface and a MACH device.
  • Micrologic Engineering had a board using the MC68HC812A4 but adding a DSP, 64K of RAM and 128K of EEPROM but are no longer taking orders.
  • At Ray's Robotic Racers you can view the TCOMP series of boards each with a MC68HC11E1, 32K memory, RS-232 & L293 motor driver chip.
  •  Amaze Electronics Corportion feature a line of PLCC prototype adapters for breadboarding 68HC11's.
  • The Viper has a 6811 Programmer's Guide and other info on his page.
  • Nate's Electronics Hobby Page has some Project Source Code in C for HC11's
  • David Jones has a 68HC11 Windows Simulator
  • The YB Design webpage will explain how to program the 68HC11, C functions, links, tools, applications and a PCB for an 68HC11 universal project
  • Marvin Green has bare BOTBoards and BOTBoard 2.
  • In Spain, Microbotica has the CT6811 board and a robot that uses it.
  • Beta Control has more than a half dozen MC68HC908 kits as well as a great site. 
  • J&M Microtek, Inc. sells the JM-11 measuring 4.5"x5.25", which provides up to 32K ROM and 32K RAM.
  • Be sure to visit Freegeeks while it lasted
  • LDG Electronics had an interesting board that featured a 8K serial EEPROM but it has been discontinued

    If anyone knows where they can be found now please email me.

    Did I miss you? Do you or your company sell MC68HC(7)11 or MC68HC(7)05 embedded microcontroller boards? Is an address or phone number incorrect? Have you started an Internet home page that I haven't found? If so, send me an email

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