Members of the 68HC11 family are considered a legacy products and not recommended for new designs. However, if you are responsible for maintaining the code of a product using an existing MC68HC11E9 than having a XC68HC711E9CFS2 in your toolbox can be quite useful. Regular 68HC11's can be programmed one time only. If the code is not perfect the chip is wasted. However, the XC68HC711E9CFS2 has a quartz window like EPROM'S. They can be erased by an ultra-violet light and then reprogrammed like new.
The chip was manufactured by Motorola before the Semiconductor division was spun off into Freescale.  It hasn't been manufactured for more than ten years but you can still get some from companies that specialize in selling obsolete chips.  You can also occasionally find some used chips on eBay.





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