Vertical 1284p

About fifteen years ago, give or take, I developed a few projects based on a little MC68HC11 CPU board from New Zealand called the CPU_1A1.  That board is ancient history but I thought I would like a drop in replacement with a current microcontroller.  So I designed the Vertical 1284p.

I thought others might find the Vertical 1284p useful because the vertical design frees up space on the breadboard.


This is a photo of the board.  Click on the thumbnail to the left for a high resolution photo.

The breadboard power supply is from iTrend.

Here is the schematic. The bootloader is the mighty-1284p.

The board is all through hole and, I think, has a nice uncluttered layout that makes for an easy soldering job.

Note that this board is not intended to be a true Arduino clone.   Not all pins are brought out to the header.  There is no push button reset switch.  No power supply regulator.  And no reverse polarity protection diode.  Be very careful connecting +5 Volt and GND. 

I found this pinout of the Mighty 1284p on the Arduino forum.  There is also a pdf for making stick on labels.

Below is a silkscreen.

The board can be obtained from OSH Park

If a half dozen folks email that they are interested I will have some printed circuit boards made and sell them for $5 each (USA).




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