Motorola S Records

Everything you ever wanted to know about Motorola S-Records

Tom Dickens webpage on S19 File Format - as it pertains to 68HC11 AS11 output will quickly give you all the information on the subject that most people are likely to want.

Or look at the Wikipedia entry.

Here are various text files on the subject that I've collected from the Internet.  They are similar but each author will present the information in his own way.

An article by Doug Leppard in the Encoder gives hints for debugging and using the S-Record.
Around 1994 Motorola published about 100 of what they called "Application Snapshots" on various subjects in the Common Ground digital paper format ( with a .dp extension ).  That format seems to have been eclipsed by Adobe Acrobat however those hundred files can still be found in various archives.  One of these, as-080.dp, is about S-Records.  So if you want to read about the file format from the people who invented it get this file.

If you don't have the reader for the .dp format you can get it at this archive.

Here are various utilities for manipulating the .s19 records that your assembler will generate:

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