Click for High Res View The LCD is driven by the MC9S08SH8 using a SPI to LCD interface.


Click for High Res View I decided to design a printed circuit board to run this and other MC9S08SH8 projects.  If you click on the thumbnail you will get a very high resolution photo.

Here is a schematic and parts list of the board.

The MC9S08SH8 project board  is for sale.
 Check the ordering page.

Click for High Res View

In the photo above I have added on the prototype area a MCP9700A temperature sensor and a Honeywell HIH-4030 Humidity Sensor (mounted on a breakout board from Sparkfun Electronics).

In this photo you can see the MC9S08SH8 Project Board populated.  Not all parts are required for all projects.  You can add just what is needed.  Download a detailed description of the board's circuit.

Note that this project board includes a space for a Serial EEPROM and also a DS1307 Real Time Clock chip.  See my Software for the DS1307 page.

This Project Board is used to build a Digital Thermometer
It may also be used to drive the 7x35 Dot Matrix LED Display Board
or the Time, Temperature and Relative Humidity Project

For BDM's

  Lowest cost.

The Project Board is designed for the 20 pin MC9S08SH8.

See also the very similar Project Board for the MC9S08QG8 and MC9S08QE8.

The 9S08 family is programmed using a Background Debug Module and Code Warrior.  CW can be downloaded from the Freescale website.


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