RS-232 to Bluetooth

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A RS-232 port on computers is a thing of the past but there still a lot of legacy devices that use a RS-232 interface to connect to your computer.  In most cases you just grab a USB to RS-232 converter.  This is fine, but if it should happen that it would be more convenient to have that legacy device in a different portion of the room from where the computer is located then consider this RS-232 to Bluetooth Converter.

In the photo to the left, as an example, the RS-232 to Bluetooth Converter is connected to an older WYTEC development board.

You will need a Bluetooth dongle to connect to your PC.  These can often be found on eBay for less than $2.

I intend to make some small changes and reduce board size a bit.  Then I may stock them for sale.  Send me an email if you would like to be notified when they would be ready.

Here is the schmatic.  The paring code is 1234.  The baud rate is 9600

The RS-232 to Bluetooth board is designed to fit into the CNS-0004 enclosure from PacTec.

For more information check out my Bluetooth page.

If you are designing your own device that has a RS-232 port, like this Project Board, you can provide power to pin 9 on the DB-9 header.


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