This is a project board for the MC9S08QE64. It is a full featured MCU with all peripherals, has 64K of Flash memory and uses a 3.3 volt power source.  It is packaged in a 32LQFP.

The photo at the top of the page is the MC9S08QE64 Mini-board in a solderless breadboard.

To the left is a photo of the bare project board and below that is a populated one.

The project board is for folks who, for whatever reason, want to use a 9S08 microcontroller but also would like the convenience of using in a breadboard.

You can get a PCB from OSH Park.

Here is the Schematic.

Here is the example software.

In the photo to the left the Project Board is connected to a two line character LCD by the SPI2LCD interface.  This is a 3.3 Volt LCD; it works just like the more common 5 Volt types.

Minor issues with board


This is a shot of the MC9S08QE64 Miniboard inserted into a breadboard.  Near the left is the Bluetooth , seen edge, mounted on the Miniboard then, to the right, is a LED, an I2C serial EEPROM, a DS1302 RTC with a supercap for time backup, a reset switch and at the far right at top is a DS18B20 temperature sensor.  You can also see the wires leading to the LCD.  I chose the DS1302 for this example because it will run at 3.3 Volts like the 9S08QE64.

To the left is the Eagle CAD drawing of the board.

The Project Board is designed for the  MC9S08QE64

For BDM's

  Lowest cost.



The 9S08 family is programmed using a Background Debug Module and Code Warrior.  CW can be downloaded from the Freescale website.



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