Click for larger view This is a photo of the bare board.  It is for sale; see the ordering page.

Here is the schematic.

Click for larger view Here is a photo of the dot matrix board populated with seven 5x7 LED displays, five A6275* column drivers and a row driver.  It is all controlled by the CPU interfaced via a SPI.

* a possible second source is STP08DP05B1 or the announced PCA9922N

Click for larger view I decided to design a printed circuit board to run this and other MC9S08QG8 projects.  If you click on the thumbnail you will get a very high resolution photo.

The MC9S08QG8 project board  is for sale.
Check the ordering page.

Click for larger view

Here is a photo of the Dot Matrix Display Board being driven by my MC9S08QG8 project board.  Here is the software to run it.  Of course, you can use your own software and processor especially if it has a SPI.  Just format the columns and rows.  Send the seven rows sequentially every 500 micro seconds or so.

Here is the board being run with an Arduino.  With Arduino Sketch

Click for larger view The Dot Matrix Display Board is being inserted is a  CM5-125 enclosure from Pactec.  I bought it from Mouser.  I believe the 150X5 from SIMCO and the Bud PC-11402 are equivalent.

The red color acrylic lens/filter has a special non-glare surface to make viewing easier.

Click for larger view It is difficult to get a good photograph of a LED display board.  This is a photo of the display with the camera exposure adjusted to give good color but you can't see the board itself.  The display is a bright red.

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