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This page is intended to be a source of information for those interested in Motorola MC68HC05, MC68HC08, MC9S08, MC68HC11 and MC68HC12 Microcontrollers.

The Motorola Semiconductors Product Sector has been spun off into freescale semiconductor

I will try to concentrate on sources of PC boards and development systems for experimenters, students and small volume production use. There are also a number of links to sites for software for the HC11 and some other cool links.

Do not overlook my 68HC08 page or the Projects page.


  • Technological Arts has several modules for the MC68HC11, several for different versions of the MC68HC12 and several for the 9S12 series. The newest fits a system with the new 9S12C32 on a board with a 32-pin DIP form factor
  • CGN has somewhat similar wire wrap adapter modules.
  • MCT  is a German company that manufactures single board computers
  • Elektronikladenis a leading producer of HC12 & HC08 systems.  Must see.
  • The Handy Board and Miniboard were MIT projects.
    • Gleason Research is a source for the MIT Handy Board.
    • EAS has a smaller version of the Handy Board that they call the Finger Board II. They will sell a bare board.
    • Active Robots from the UK has the Handy Board and an Expansion Board for it.
  • Mekatronix is a manufacturer of Autonomous Mobile Robots, Robot Kits and HC11 microcontroller kits.
  • Micromint Inc. has mostly 80C52 & Z-80 stuff but they do have one 68HC11 board.
  • NovaSoft or Mr. Robot distributes 68HC11 boards, robot kits, 68HC11 software and parts.
  • Future-Bot has a "P-Brain" kit based on a 68HC11
  • Zorin has the 32K ModCon and 68HC11 midi kit.
  • EMAC has a F1 board that can hold a 128K RAM (uses the F1's bank switching), 32K EPROM, a DAC, a 7805 regulator, a second UART, RS232 and/or RS485 drivers and 500 ma drivers on some output lines.
  • TECI has HC05 and HC11 primer systems and In-Circuit Emulators
  • DIY ELECTRONICS also known as KITSRUS has some kits based on the 16 pin MC68HC705K1 and other '05 members.
  • PMB Electronics of New Zealand has a MC68HC11F1 board with 128K bytes of Flash memory and 32K bytes of RAM.
  • ASPiSYS of Greece has an F1 board with 32K RAM and 32 K EEPROM and a LCD port.
  • Mosaic Industries, Inc manufactures the QED Board, a very tight MC68HC11F1 board with 160K of battery backed RAM. Their site has a lot of information on line.
  • Advanced Microcomputer Systems is selling a "microprocessor design course for colleges". The course includes a board with a MC68HC11D0 set up in expanded mode. They have recently added a 68HC12 trainer to their line.
  • EMICROS has the CANTEC11, a 68HC11 Single Board Computer with a Controller Area Network (CAN) interface. Also software examples.  They also have the iPac HCS12 Single Board Computer that uses the Standard PC/104 form factor.
  • Orgler electronic has software examples for Freescale micros.
  • Wytec One of the leading companies in educational field and the manufacturer of one of the most popular HCS12 / 9S12 trainers has introduced a compact HCS12 / 9S12 prototype platform (code name: ThunderBird12 and RoadRunner ) and a new low cost 40-pin MC9S12C32  DIP module (code name: Dragonfly12-Plus ).  The MiniDragon Plus3 which features Arduino shield compatible headers.
    The latest product is the Dragon12-Plus2 Trainer with many new features.

    They now offer a very low-cost Open Source USBDM board for 9S12 and 9S08

    They still offer two 68HC11 trainers ( code name: FOX11 and EVBplus2 ) to schools and students, and provide tech support for the legendary 68HC11 family.

  • BiPOM Electronics has Microcontroller boards for the 68HC11, 68HC912 and the 68HC908GP32.
  • Axiom Manufacturing has several HC11, HC12 boards and one for the HC908GP32
  • Futurlec has a MC68HC11 and MC68HC908JL3 development board.
  • has a half dozen or more Freescale Flexis series of microcontroller boards all 2" x 2".  Also many accessory boards.  The microcontrollers that have sufficient memory are preloaded with StickOS Basic.
  • Gang programmers from Lloyd Research and Tribal Microsystems
  • Alas some manufactures seem to be lost in cyberspace.
  • Tekmos have drop in replacements for several of the discontinued Motorola microcontrollers.
  • innovASIC has a drop-in replacement for the Motorola MC6805E2 and Harris CD6805E2.


  • The late Eric Engler had a EmbeddedGNU IDE Integrated Development Environment for the GNU C cross-compilers.  The executable and source can now be found here at the Technological Arts support site.
  • Micro-Processor Services has a Translator Program to convert assembly source code to "C".
  • Newton Research Lab Interactive C is a C compilation environment for Motorola 6811 based robots and embedded systems.
  • For a 68HC05 or 68HC08 C compiler check Byte Craft.
  • simple Real Time Java for 68HC11. Now there is an implementation that runs on a small 8-bit microcontroller from Motorola - the 68HC11.
  • ASxxxx Cross Assemblers by Alan R. Baldwin, Kent State University
  • ASHC11 a DOS based Macro Assembler from tech edge.
  • Personally, I use a good text editor and the advanced freeware version of AS11 by Terry Rogers to develop 68HC11 programs but for those of you who would like to try something fancier check  IDE11 or THRSim11 or Shadow11 or Wookie or Baron_3D or something from P& E or TECI or Noral or Ashling or Avocet or WICE
  • In French check the RICE6811
  • For the MC68HC12 you could try SIMHC12
  • The MiniIDE supports both the MC68HC11 and MC68HC12.
  • From Motorola get MCUez for the MC68HC05, MC68HC08 and MC68HC12.
  • Holon is a interactive integrated programming tool based on Forth.
  • PASS11 - The Advanced 68HC11 Macro-Crossassembler for Win32
  • MC68HC11 disassemblers: From Donald Whisnant and Peter Gargano
  • MC68HC12 disassembler from Carl Kreider

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